Internal Affairs

In order to insure the integrity of the North Miami Beach Police Department, it is necessary to investigate promptly and thoroughly, suspicion or allegations, from whatever source, of misconduct by departmental personnel. At the same time, in the interest of fairness and effectiveness of police operations, the reputation of innocent members must be protected from mistaken or deliberate false reports or accusations. The Internal Affairs Unit has been established as a system of internal review to accomplish this goal.

The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to, and is authorized by the Chief of Police to initiate all necessary investigations, provide information and investigative assistance to all sections and units of the North Miami Beach Police Department.

The Internal Affairs Unit maintains operational and cooperative relationships with various agencies to include, but not limited to: Miami Dade State Attorney's Office, Miami-Dade Police Departments Public Corruption Unit, Miami-Dade Office of Ethics and Public Trust, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association, among others.