Quick Home Inspection

The following should be done well in advance, not when a storm is approaching:

  • Inspect your roof
  • Prune trees well in advance of hurricane season. You don’t want to create debris when a storm is near. Make sure branches don’t touch your roof or power lines.
  • Review your insurance policies for proper coverage.
  • Check your shutters (practice installing them, especially if you bought a new home or new shutters)
  • Test your generator and chainsaw for proper operation. Know the safety precautions.


No tree is immune to storm damage, but with proper pruning, you can reduce the risk. Remember that you must obtain a permit to prune and/or remove certain trees. View the City’s Codes or call Public Works at (305) 948-2964 for more information. It is the responsibility of the tree trimmer to remove all branches and debris from your residence when the job is finished. If you prune the trees yourself, be sure to dispose of organic waste properly. Most importantly, do it now; once a storm is on its way, it is too late to prune.


Prepare to move your boat when a hurricane is likely, even before a Hurricane Watch is issued. If you wait too long to relocate the boat, bridges may be locked down and you may not be able to get your boat and yourself to safety. Be advised that high-rise storage racks can be toppled by a storm’s high winds. If possible, put your boat on a trailer and take it further inland. If you must leave your boat in water, make sure it is securely anchored, secure extra lines and add chafe protection. Check with your local marina for more advice.

Roof and Gutters

Inspect your roof for proper overflow drainage, especially on flat roofs. Make sure that all drains and gutters are clear of debris. Clogged drains will cause water to pool up on roofs and cause extensive damage. Check for loose rain gutters and drain spouts and secure them.

Get Ready to Evacuate

Prepare for a hurricane as early as possible. Once a storm’s path is forecasted to land near South Florida, begin to monitor information about the storm and prepare for an evacuation. Fill up your vehicle with fuel before evacuating and be sure to have extra cash in the event of power outages when ATM's may not be operable. Parts of North Miami Beach are in an evacuation zone so, please ensure you “Know Your Zone” and be aware when an evacuation order is issued. If an evacuation order is issued to include the City of North Miami Beach, the entire City must evacuate. The County determines which Storm Surge Planning Zones need to evacuate based on information provided by the National Hurricane Center on flooding and storm surge risks. Click here for more information on storm surge planning zones.