Park Maintenance


Each of the following tasks contains basic elements for maintaining the parks and facilities:

1. Managing of Contractual Turf Care - Mowing, aerating, reseeding, top dressing, weed control.

2. Managing of Contractual Fertilization - Fertilization of turf, trees, or shrubs.

3. Irrigation - Adjustment and repair of automated watering of turf, trees and shrubs

4. Disease & Insect Control - Monitoring, preventing, correcting, and management of disease and/or insects in turf, trees, shrubs either by cultural or chemical methods; includes pest control in and around park buildings.

5. Hardscape Surfaces - Sweeping, blowing, and power washing of walkways, parking lots, tennis courts, dugouts, Bandshell area, and any other hardscape surfaces in our parks and facilities.

6. Repair - Maintenance required to facilities or park amenities.

7. Inspection - Visual and physical examination of a park facility, equipment, or amenity to ensure compliance, safety, and proper operation. All vandalism and graffiti are to be reported to the Parks Maintenance for Immediate removal.

8. Restrooms - Cleaning, sweeping, sanitizing, stocking of supplies.

9. Litter Removal - Debris from canal, emptying trash cans and doggie stations, replacing trash bags and picking up litter throughout the park.

10. Playgrounds - Inspection and maintenance of play equipment; weekly raking of surfacing and litter removal


Maintenance of equipment or facilities such as drinking fountains, soccer goals, tennis, volleyball and basketball netting, picnic tables, signs, litter receptacles.


Each park or facility under the maintenance schedule of the Parks Division will be evaluated using a check list. A copy of this list is included in the Appendix. The purpose of the check list is to provide information to the Supervisor as to the progress of routine maintenance tasks, to highlight any park area or facility that needs repair, and to facilitate the prompt scheduling of this work in the near future.

  1. Dwight Jackson

    Parks Superintendent