NMB Mixed Use Zoning - Phase 2 Study

NMB Phase II Mixed Use Study Priority Areas Map

Draft Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Ordinances 

The following draft ordinances for the 12/17/19 City Commission workshop are available for public comment and review. 

December 17th, 2019 City Commission Workshop Presentation

Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application for NE 167th-163rd ST

Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application for MU/NC - Mixed Use Neighborhood Center (West Dixie Hwy)

Draft International Blvd (NE 167th St) Mixed Use District Zoning Regulations

Draft Canalside (NE 163 ST) Mixed Use District Zoning Regulations

Draft MU/NC Neighborhood Center Mixed Use District Amendment Zoning Regulations

Project Summary

In 2015, the City embarked on an initiative to update its Zoning Code and Comprehensive Plan, culminating in the adoption of the Mixed Use and Form Based Zoning Phase I amendments in March of 2015. This effort produced high quality development projects in those areas of the city which it was applied to. These projects are catalysts for revitalizing the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) bringing in upscale businesses, new residents, and increasing the City’s tax base. The areas that were rezoned were selected based upon development trends; those areas that were thought to be the most likely to sustain new development and redevelopment, such as along the waterfront, along West Dixie Highway, and those larger properties that had been assembled and were seeking to develop further.

Now that this zoning has been adopted and implementation has been successful, the City is examining the potential for a Phase 2 of the mixed use zoning and form based code initiative. This time, the City is studying those areas of the City that weren’t rezoned in Phase 1, but need revitalization, are highly susceptible for redevelopment, and provide opportunities to support mass transit and transportation initiatives such as the NMB Trolley, Miami-Dade Transit, and the future South Florida Regional Transit Agency – Florida East Coast commuter rail. To assist the City in the Phase II study, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was performed in 2017 to select a consultant to perform the required analysis and provide recommendations.The City Commission selected Bermello Ajamil & Partners to perform a study and prepare the required Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Amendments. 

Study Areas

Based upon initial analysis by City Staff and direction from the City Commission, the following areas would be appropriate for this effort:

  • North of 172nd Street (Braha) along West Dixie Highway and the B-2 zoned properties east of Biscayne Blvd. on NE 163rd Street.
  • Commercial and some Multi-Family zoned properties along the NE 167th Street / NMB Blvd / NE 163rd Street corridor between I-95 and NE 15th Avenue.
  • (Future study area) Jackson North Hospital and the creation of a Medical Innovation District.
  • (Future study area) NE 19th Avenue Corridor between NE 172nd Street and Miami Gardens Drive.

Reports, Presentations, Maps

City Commission Workshop Staff Presentation - August 7, 2019

Priority Areas Map (map above)

Community Meeting Flyer - March 28, 2018

Community Meeting Presentation - March 28, 2018 

Community Meeting Flyer - July 31, 2018 

Community Meeting Presentation - July 31, 2018