Applications, Fee Schedules, Checklists

Applications, Fee Schedules, Submission Checklists & Development Process Guide

Planning and Development

These forms are used for planning and zoning review of a development project and associated requests such as Unity of Title, Development Agreements, Development Site Plan Applications, Text Amendments, Conditional Use, Variances, etc.

Planning & Development Application

Planning & Development Fee Schedule

Concurrency Service Demand Analysis Form

Cost Recovery Affidavit 

Unity of Title Application

Notification of Utility Providers

Administrative Waiver

The Administrative Waiver Ordinance adopted by the City of North Miami Beach on November 19, 2019 was created to provide a procedure for property owners and businesses of existing developments to obtain relief from the City’s zoning code regulations for development standards pertaining to site development.

The Community Development Director is authorized to grant or deny any minor administrative waiver for existing development. Projects that require minor relief from the City’s code pertaining to modification of plans, site arrangements, setback lines, frontage requirements, height limitations, lot size restrictions may apply for an administrative waiver. Eligible projects may include landscaping materials, walls, fences, carports, driveways, pools, storage sheds, docks, gazebos, pergolas, and others. Waivers cannot exceed a decrease or increase of any numerical code requirement by more than 25 percent. New development subject to site plan approval, signage, and floodplain regulations will not be eligible. Waivers can be approved if you submit a complete application, follow the waiver review and notification process, and meet the minimum criteria for granting an administrative waiver.

Administrative Waiver Consent Form

Administrative Waiver Checklist

Administrative Waiver Application

Miscellaneous Zoning Permits

The following permits are issued only by the Planning and Zoning Division. These permits may be dropped off at the front counter with all the required documentation/fees (check) for review by one of the city planners. The permit will be issued once all requirements are met and the fees are paid. 

Banner or Special Event Sign Permit

Tree Removal, Relocation, Canopy Mitigation Permit Application

Portable Storage Unit Permit Application

Zoning Verification Letters

If you need to formally request a letter verifying the future land use or zoning designation of your property.

Zoning Verification Letter Request Form

Short Term Rentals

This registration application is for property owners who want to share their property on social networking sites such as AirBnB, VRBO, etc. Often facilitated by peer-to-peer websites, short-term rentals (STR’s) are residential properties available for rent for a period of less than 90 days. Pursuant to the City of North Miami Beach Code of Ordinances, short-term rentals are permitted three (3) times in a twelve-month period. Hosts are required to register their property with the City’s Community Development Department in order to offer short-term rentals.

Short Term Rental Registration Application

Special Event Permits

This form is for special, temporary events to be held on private or public property. 

Special Event Permit Application