Planning & Zoning Public Notifications

Would you like to be personally informed about upcoming Planning and Zoning Calendar events, Planning and Zoning Board, and Technical Review of Applications for Development (TRAD) meetings and agendas via email or text? Then follow the instructions below and sign up! 

Who is eligible to sign up?

Anyone with an email address or phone number such as individuals, neighborhood organizations, media, developers, public officials, city staff, etc. 

Important Notes:

  • The service is an expansion of the existing public noticing already performed by the City such as courtesy notices, property signs, and newspaper advertisements. 
  • These notifications are not required by state or city laws and regulations.
  • The notifications will not be restricted to a certain distance from a site -- any individual or entity that requests this notification will receive notification for all scheduled activities of the Planning and Zoning Division.
  • The notifications will only be performed through email or text message via the City’s website software.
  • The notification service will not change requirements for property owner notifications as required by local and state laws. Those notifications will continue as required.


  1. You must OPT-IN to the notification service in order to receive the emails or texts.
  2. If you are already subscribed to at least one other notification service through the City’s website, you can easily add Planning and Zoning Calendar, Planning and Zoning Board and TRAD under Agendas to your subscriptions.
  3. If you change your mind, you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Sign Up! 

To sign up for notifications, use this link: