Police Chaplaincy

The North Miami Beach Police Department’s Police Chaplaincy Program is an initiative intended to address issues and concerns relative to the spiritual realm of personnel in the Department. While the program does not espouse any particular religious denomination, clergy from various faiths are the foundation of the program. Personnel with other religious beliefs than those represented by the members of the Chaplaincy Corps can and will be referred to a clergy of their preference if a situation warrants and one is available. 

Aside from providing spiritual guidance in the form of counseling and consultation, chaplains are also relegated the responsibility of providing crisis intervention, critical incident, and post critical incident intervention, initiate professional referrals and provide spiritual support during operational situations as requested by command staff. Additionally, police chaplains are required to participate in education and training development, religious and other departmental ceremonies, to ride with a uniform officer once a quarter (to acclimate themselves to the police function) and to respond to operational situations involving civil disorder at the request of command staff when the presence of a chaplain may be beneficial in resolving the situation.

  1. Robert Moss

    Robert Moss

    Senior Police Chaplain
    Phone: 305-401-3009

  2. Mark Rosenberg

    Mark Rosenberg

    Police Chaplain
    Phone: 917-578-8911

  3. Darren Bennett

    Police Chaplain
    Phone: 954-234-1362