May 2020

04.30.20 Johnathan Cyprien - Cyp Squad

05.01.20 Joshua’s Heart Foundation with Founder Joshua Williams 

web lets talk 050420

05.04.20 NMB Chamber of Commerce with President Evan Piper 

05.05.20  Ivan’s Cookhouse with Owner Chef Ivan  

05.07.20 Channel 10 with Alex Finnie

05.08.20 Census 2020


05.12.20 Outback Steakhouse  

05.13.20 NMB Police Department Marina Patrol 

05.14.20 NMB PAL 


05.15.20  NMB Water Department with special guest mascot Water Drop💧 


05.18.20 the founder of Hermantin Consulting, LLC & Director of Development, Communications & Strategic Planning, Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, Ms. leonie Hermartin


05.19.20 Madalon Law Firm with Attorney Joseph Madalon   

05.20.20  NMB IT Department 

05.22.20  Cigna Health Care with Ms. Gail Smith, Behavioral Clinical Account Manager at Cigna 

0525-0529 lets talk nmb

05.26.20  Wawa’s General Manager, Anton Williamson  

05.28.20 Dr. Sidney Coupet 

05.29.20  LaLiga’s Manager Daniel Rotsztain