CRA Incentives

The public purpose of the North Miami Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of blighted areas, improve property values, improve the public infrastructure, and prevent or reduce incidents of crime. It focuses its redevelopment efforts within the Redevelopment Area, which is approximately 468 acres and includes the center of the North Miami Beach community.

Our goal is to create a prosperous neighborhood for residents and businesses. The NMB CRA offers grant incentive programs that help property and business owners mitigate the costs of exterior and interior improvements. The goal of these grant incentive programs is to attract private investment within North Miami Beach. 

Start by determining if your address is located within the NMB CRA zone.

  1. Façade & Business Site Improvement Program
  2. Strategic Investment Program (SIP)
  3. Capital Improvement Grant Program
  4. Merchant Assistance Grant
  5. Strategic Investment Streetscape Program (SISP)
  6. Real Estate Development Accelerator (REDA)
  7. Paint, Plant & Pave Program
  8. Wastewater Impact & Connection Fee Assistance Program

This program encourages property and business owners to enhance their existing business sites through exterior improvements. This includes most exterior elements from windows, doors, paint, design elements, etc. The CRA provides 80% of project costs up to a maximum contribution of $20,000 per existent property address with a maximum of 3 addresses.

North Miami Beach CRA Map