Infrastructure Improvements

Swale Compacting and Irrigation, 2020

Completed $200,000 installation of Tree Pit System around 230 trees along Hanford Boulevard, intended to reduce trip hazards from tree roots lifting/cracking sidewalks and promote walkability in the CRA.

Corona Del Mar Sewer System, 2020

Authorized $400,000 grant for the Corona Del Mar sewer line extension, providing the installation of sewer infrastructure (gravity main, pump station, force main) to a 35-acre unsewered multi-family area served by septic. 2050 NE 163rd Street was completed in 2020 and others are scheduled to follow.

163rd Street Crosswalk

The CRA worked on developing plans, engineering drawings, and is in the process of installing signalized crosswalks across NE 163rd Street and West Dixie Highway.

LED Street Board Replacement

The CRA replaced two existing street digital boards to upgrade and improve public communications within the downtown area CRA district.

COVID-19 Assistance, 2020

Developed a Resource Package for Business, distributed a COVID-19 Survey and undertook other efforts to support businesses being negatively impacted by the pandemic.

CRA - WASD Sewer Line Extension

This $350,000 project:
  • Improved the economic environment
  • Allowed business to expand 
  • Created more restaurants and cafes
  • Improved the public health 
  • Created jobs
  • Fostered redevelopment opportunities
Ground breaking Sewer Line
Palm Trees CRA

Palm Trees

Royal palm trees are added along Hanford Boulevard in the medians.