Public Infrastructure

Current/Ongoing Projects

  1. Hanford Boulevard Design Guidelines
  2. 165th Street & Alley Improvements
  3. Gateways & Wayfinding

Hanford Boulevard development renderingThe CRA has worked with an architecture firm over the last several months to develop design guidelines for Hanford Boulevard. The Hanford Boulevard Kit of Parts final designs will be presented to the CRA Board for approval in March 2023.

The CRA’s intent is for all new development and redevelopment to uphold a high-design standard that conveys those impressive attributes, which attract a “live, work, play” environment, and transform the city from a drive-through community to a drive-to community. The Streetscape Kit-of-Parts is intended to unify development and establish a framework for coordinating streetscape elements within the public right-of-way (ROW). 

The execution of these elements will be coordinated amongst the City of North Miami Beach Public Works Department, the CRA, and the development community. Such improvements are intended to establish a palette of streetscape furnishings and treatments that unite redevelopment within the pedestrian realm and improve streetscape conditions that enforce a unique design identity for this key area of the Fulford Mixed-Use Town Center District. Although developers will largely be responsible for installing the
new streetscape furnishings and treatments, the CRA will install new crosswalks along Hanford Boulevard in the future.

Completed Projects

  1. Swale Compacting & Irrigation, 2020
  2. Corona Del Mar Sewer System, 2020
  3. 163rd Street Crosswalk
  4. LED Street Board Replacement
  5. COVID-19 Assistance, 2020
  6. CRA - WASD Sewer Line Extension
  7. Palm Trees

Completed $200,000 installation of Tree Pit System around 230 trees along Hanford Boulevard, intended to reduce trip hazards from tree roots lifting/cracking sidewalks and promote walkability in the CRA.