Public Art & Cultural Enhancement

The CRA has provided grant funding to muralists to beautify and revitalize the Redevelopment Area, develop a sense of place, deter graffiti, and provide opportunities for artistic expression. Public art is a catalyst for economic development, showing that a community is thriving economically and encouraging other investments. Mural programs increase leasing, visibility, foot traffic, and publicity.

Current/Ongoing Projects

Utility box wrap with animals riding bikes

Utility Box Wraps

In support of its mission to eliminate slum and blight, the NMBCRA and the City have engaged in a project to beautify the traffic signal utility boxes located throughout the Community Redevelopment Area. By creating publicly accessible artwork, this program aims to improve the aesthetics and enhance attractiveness while branding the redevelopment area. Designs for the artistic wrapping include images of sculptures, iconic architecture such as the Fulford Monument, and murals located throughout Downtown NMB. Stay tuned for the completion of this project in 2023!

165th Street Placemaking/Art Installation

The NE 165th Street Temporary Art project is envisioned to be a public art installation to create a pedestrian-friendly walkable environment for one block of 165th Street adjacent to the soccer fields located at Mishcon
Park. NE 165th Street is a tertiary roadway that connects the library to the future site of the NMB Senior facility and NMBCRA Administrative Office located on NE 15th Avenue and is between the canal and Hanford Boulevard. This busy corridor is ideal to revitalize and beautify by developing a public art project. Public art provides an opportunity to temporarily integrate cultural tourism.

Staff was tasked to consider ways to realize the street’s potential to serve as a uniquely activated street including the adjacent private shopping plaza. Under this direction, staff expanded the project by incorporating design elements of the street to allow the ability to be closed off and host special events. In the summer of 2023, staff will present 3 draft preliminary concept diagrams which will include an updated redistribution of parking, improved sidewalk/pedestrian space, general open space, and landscape areas.

art installation renderings

Completed Projects

1100 NE 163rd Street Mural

Approved a $25,000 matching grant for a $90,000 mural/artwork and exterior improvements on an exterior building at 1100 NE 163rd Street. This grant is part of the roughly $90,000 in exterior improvements being made to the building and parking lot by the owner.

Colorful Mural on Building
Library Mural

Library Mural, “Forest of Our Dreams”

Authorized a $6,550 “Forest of Our Dream” mural at the municipal library, as part of the Public Art Program.

Library Mural, "Wings"

Authorized the $2,200 “Wings” mural at the municipal library, as part of the Public Art Program.

Wings Mural
Bike Shop Mural

Bike Shop Mural

Completed installation of a $6,500 bicycle mural at the Bike Shop, as part of the Public Art Program.