American Rescue Plan

These are our upcoming community assistance programs available to NMB residents:

Business Grants:

  • The Economic Development Department is launching a new program to assist business owners who need funds to continue growing their businesses. From marketing to technology, apply to receive up to $5,000! These grants will empower you as a business owner and help you reach your full potential in our community. To apply for a business grant, residents must meet the following criteria:
    • The business owner must demonstrate an “Active” status in the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.
    • The business owner or an authorized representative of the corporation who has the legal authority to bind the organization in a contract with the City of North Miami Beach must sign the application.
    • Submission of an application shall constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in the guidelines and the application. Acceptance of this application does not constitute a contract and does not obligate the City to award funds.
    • Payments will be made directly to the business.
    • Cannot have more than ten (10) employees that are low and moderate-income.
    • Must not be part of a national chain or franchise or have city liens or code violations.
    • Business must be a for-profit entity operating within North Miami Beach for the last 2 years (minimum).
    • Provide the company’s Certificate of Incorporation, Most Recent Business Income Tax Return, Current Lease agreement or deed to the property, City of North Miami Beach Business Tax Receipt, and Certificate of Use.

Mortgage & Rental Assistance:

  • This program benefits the residents who reside in North Miami Beach by preventing foreclosures or eviction and keeping both tenants and homeowners in their homes. This type of funding assists individuals who are behind on their payments or have difficulty remaining current. This program will also seek to assist residents who want to buy a home in North Miami Beach, currently have a homestead in North Miami Beach, and is not an investor.

Home Rehabilitation:

  • This program will allow approved homeowners to receive funding to replace windows, doors, and roofs to make the homes energy efficient and sustainable. Retrofitting these homes with quality resources will allow the windows, doors, and roofs to last longer and allow the home to be more efficient with energy.


Please stay tuned for additional information at a later date.