Make a Payment

Step by Step Directions

  1. Open your Internet Browser (Google Chrome Recommended)
  2. On the web address bar type
    Google Chrome
  3. you will land at the eDMS home page
    eDMS home page
  4. you need to login in to your account to pay any invoice, if you don't have an account yet, please visit the Register section on this page
  5. when login, you can see your Invoices on your dashboard or you can click on Pay Invoice tile on the home screen.
    Payment Tile
  6. Click Add to Cart the Invoice that you like to pay, you can add multiple invoices to the same transaction.
    My Invoices
  7. when in the shopping cart, you can remove Invoices that you added by mistake or wish to pay later on.
    Shopping Cart
  8. when your ready, click on checkout, and you will be prompt for a payment method (Credit Card or E-check)
    Payment type
  9. follow the direction of the page like any other online shopping cart.
    Payment Complete
  10. when the payment process is completed, you will be get directed to a new page confirming that you completed the payment.
    Payment Confirmation