Step by Step Directions

  1. From the home page of eDMS, select the drop-down arrow at the top-right and you will get two options. the first one is to log in (you need to use this option if you registered already)
    edms registration menu
  2. to create a new account on the system you need to need to select Register (please note that if you create a new account different at the one you already created, all your current related records will not be associated to the new account.
    edms registration option
  3. Enter your E-mail address, and click the Next button, if you already registered with the Email address you try to use, the system will give you the option of reset your password.
    edms registration emailedms registration email exist
  4. Please wait few minutes, and check your email inbox, you should have an Email from, please click on the "Confirm" link to continue with the process. ( it is a system generated email, and is not set to receive emails, all emails send to this email will be refused. 
    edms registration email nextedms registration email confirmationedms registration email confirmation detail
  5. Please complete the form to continue with the registration (account info), we recommend to use your email address as a Username
    edms registration account info
  6. Complete the following form with your personal information. (contact info)
    edms registration contact form
  7. the next form will ask you for your address
    edms registration address
  8. when finish your registration, you will be redirect to your Dashboard on the eDMS system, where you will have a big picture of everything your account is related to.
    edms dashboard