New Application Requirements

If you are submitting a request for this application type, the below documents and /or plans are required to be submitted to meet the Community Development’s minimum requirements.

Document Type Document Name Document Name Required
Index of Documents BT-1 This is a table of contents for the documents you are uploading. It should contain the Document Name and Document Description. Required
Business Tax Receipt application BT-2 This section is intentionally left blank. Required
Articles of Incorporation BT-3 Please refer to Required
Business Tax Receipt Fee(s) Due BT-4 This section is intentionally left blank. Optional
Fictitious name BT-5 This section is intentionally left blank. Optional
Copy of 501c3 BT-6 Proof of Non-Profit Status is required for all 501(c)3 or any Exemption claimed Optional
State Licenses BT-7 State Licenses vary upon type of business: All professionals, Contractors License or State Certified License, Hotel and Restaurants, Alcohol, Beverage and Tobacco, Board of Cosmetology, Annual Food Permit, Motor Vehicle Repair Registration, Division of Food and Safety, AHCA (Division for Health Care Administration. Optional
Letter from the establishment providing the shared space BT-8 A letter executed by the Owner of the Establishment providing the space to be shared is required and must indicate … Optional
Copy of Bill of Sale and/or Closing Statement BT-9 A copy of the bill of Sale or Closing Statement is required for Transfer of
Copy of Fire Inspection from
Miami-Dade County
BT-10 Fire Inspection are required for business that involve the use of flammable products or objects, like businesses with cooking facilities, dry cleaning, gas stations, etc. Optional
Copy of Florida Bar Card BT-11 required for attorneys office. Optional
Copy of Florida Driver License BT-12 Required for Alcohol Service Establishments, educational facilities providing services to minors, private detective or protective services, towing companies Optional
Missing Stock Value Form BT-13 Required for retail and wholesale vendors Optional
Police Background Check BT-14 Required by the applicant for towing companies. The City will perform a
background check for all other businesses that require it.

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