Pre-Application Request/Requirements


  1. Provide a design narrative. Pro-Tip: the more information you provide, the better we can assist you in. The written statement should include project name, addresses, folios, project owner or representative, contact information, zoning classification, intended use, architectural design concept, urban context, existing conditions, zoning data (height, density, frontages, parking). Identify the type of entitlements being sought, in addition to information on previous approvals, development agreements, covenants, liens, or other encumbrances.


  1. A survey is recommended to review site conditions.

SITE PLAN -Required

  1. Title Block
  2. Scale and North indicator
  3. Location map showing relationship to major arterials
  4. Site Plan Data Table
    • Current use of property and intensity
    • Land Use designation
    • Zoning designation
    • Zoning Data Sheet (required vs provided):
  • number of dwelling units,
  • type of unit, floor area(s), bedroom mix,
  • site density (gross and net)
  • uses
  • floor area, lot area
  • open space, pervious and impervious,
  • setback,
  • height (feet and stories)
  • Parking data: parking required (#), parking provided (#), loading zones, ADA spaces, EV parking
  • Structure length, frontage width

5. Site Plan Features (graphically indicated)

  • Municipal boundaries (as applicable)
  • Zoning designation of adjacent properties
  • Waterway width, if applicable
  • Context buildings (height in stories and feet)
  • Property lines (dimensioned)
  • Dimension building outlines of all proposed structures
  • Ground floor plan
  • Dimension all site plan features (sidewalks, building lengths and widths, balconies, parking spaces, street widths, etc.)
  • Dimension setbacks and building separation
  • Dimension pedestrian walkways and access
  • Easements (as applicable)
  • Location and method of screening of refuse stations, storage areas and off-street loading areas.
  • Identify any common or joint use area


1. Provide details of the following:

  • Ground floor elevation
  • Storefronts, awnings, entryway features, doors, windows
  • Fence/wall (measured from the finished grade of the abutting property or crown of adjacent street)
  • Dumpster location
  • Pavers, concrete, hardscape, ground cover


  1. Delineate and dimension, indicating use of spaces.
  2. Typical floorplan for multilevel structure
  3. Floor plan for every level of parking garage


  1. All building facades with directional labels (ie. North, South) and building names if more than one building
  2. Dimensions, include height and width of all structures
  3. Dimension grade at finished floor


1. Landscape Plan Features

  • Landscape areas with dimensions
  • Locate Existing trees and palms (indicate whether to remain, relocated, or removed)
  • Names and locations for all proposed trees, shrubs, and groundcover.
  • Plant list (provide species, sizes, quantities)
  • Show any required berms along right of way

Pre-Application Meeting Request

  1. Requestor Information

    Per ZLDC sections 24-172(D) & (E), a pre-application meeting is required prior to the submittal of any formal application for site plan review. This meeting will last 30 minutes and consist of a concept plan review in which a planner will provide preliminary comments.

    Form must be completed and submitted to schedule a meeting with the Department

  2. Property Information
  3. Zoning Information

    The information listed below may be obtained through the Property Appraiser Office: or the City North Miami Beach Website:

  4. Meeting Details*

    Select one or more of the topics listed below to be discussed during the meeting:

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