Driveway Approach Assistance Program

Program Information & Criteria

The City of North Miami Beach’s Driveway Approach Assistance Program will assist qualified homeowners by installing or repairing one driveway approach. A driveway approach is in the bioswale (area between the sidewalk and street). Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis, and assessed based on criteria below and within the application. Upon submission of a completed application, an inspector will visit the home to further determine eligibility. Eligibility requirements and considerations include:

1. Home must be within city limits

2. Home cannot have any open violations (Code, Building or Zoning)

3. Home cannot be a rental property

4. Home must be residential use only

5. Driveway cannot be asphalt

6. Approach cannot be longer than 10 feet

7. Applicant must be the homeowner and must occupy the home

8. Veterans will be given preference

9. Applicant must demonstrate economic hardship

10. Applicants must have a copy of a property survey to assist with permit application. Work will be performed by an independent contractor through the City of North Miami Beach list of approved vendors.

Click to Download the Driveway Approach Assistance Program Application