Online Self-Service Permitting Portal (eDMS) Help

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What is eDMS?

eDMS is the City of North Miami Beach’s new online permitting and land management customer service portal. It is designed to automate project review for building, planning, zoning, public works permits, inspections, code enforcement, and citizen requests. eDMS handles permitting and licensing processes, payments, as well as citizen self-service. This new portal empowers YOU to track your projects from start to finish, request inspections, and make online payments with ease.

How Do Customers Benefit?

  • Available online 24/7; you no longer need to call or come in to obtain your project’s status and information.
  • It’s easy to use; the portal’s interface is simple and straightforward.
  • Workflow Visibility; you can view your project’s standing leading you to clearer expectations, tracking, and decision-making throughout the permitting process.
  • Make Payments; through the eDMS portal you are now able to make online payments for your permit’s enhancements, and code violation fees.
  • Secure Technology: you can rest assured that your project’s data and online transactions are fully encrypted and secure.
  • Great customer Support; the eDMS team constantly makes a concerted effort to understand and implement the best user experience and interface for you. With the new eDMS portal you can rest assured that we care about you and your project’s needs every step of the way.

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