Fence & Gates Check List

All of the following must be provided and up-to-date for submittals:

  1. Signed and Notarized Application Form
  2. One(1) signed/sealed survey. The survey shall not be older than two (2) years. Surveys must show all easements and encumbrances. The location of the fence with all dimensions, setbacks, size, and location of gates indicated
  3.  Complete the required online contractor registration.   Contractors must be up-to-date and registered with the City of North Miami Beach. 
    Owner/Builder:  Owner-Builder Affidavit and copy of Driver’s License (owner must be present for submittal of owner builder permit)
  4. Pay an upfront fee before the plan review begins.
  5. A detailed sheet (material type) must be provided for all Fence materials.

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