Suspicious Activity Footage Upload

At the North Miami Beach Police Department, we understand the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety and security. That's why we have implemented a convenient and secure Dropbox feature exclusively for you. If you witness any suspicious incidents or have relevant videos or evidence related to the crisis in Israel, we encourage you to utilize our Dropbox link. This user-friendly platform allows you to confidentially upload your files, ensuring that your information reaches our dedicated team promptly and efficiently. By sharing your observations and evidence, you play an integral role in helping us investigate and address potential threats, ultimately fostering peace and well-being within our community.

To access our Dropbox link, simply visit. We assure you that your identity will remain confidential, and your contribution will be handled with the utmost care. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure community, where every voice matters. Thank you for your continued commitment to the well-being of our residents.