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The Building Department provides supervision of construction activities, acceptance of building permit applications, issuance of all building and trade permits, verification of compliance with the Florida Building Code, and enforcement of codes promulgated by regulatory agencies such as the Hotel and Restaurant Commission, Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM), State Departments of Health and Professional Regulation, Board of Adjustment and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical officials inspect new and existing structures for compliance.


All inspection requests, as of Monday, March 13, 2023,

 must be completed online.

The phone request line will be eliminated.

Please log-in to our EDMS Portal at  

at which point an inspection request can be made.



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The Florida Legislature approved House Bill HB735  ( which preempts local occupational licenses to the State, effective July 1, 2021. HB735 ( (provides that occupational licenses issued by local jurisdictions, including those related to construction-related occupations, will be prohibited after July 1, 2023.

A jurisdiction having construction-related licensing requirements prior to January 1, 2021, can continue to license construction-related occupations until July 1, 2023; however, such licensing requirements cannot be modified and no additional requirements can be added.

Therefore, between now and June 30, 2023, applicants seeking a new license or renewal for those construction-related specialty licenses will be issued a license or have their prior license renewed with an expiration date of July 1, 2023. Accordingly, the license fee will be prorated to cover only the licensure period between the date of issuance or renewal and the statutory July 1, 2023, expiration date.

Further, any permit pulled with these licenses must be closed prior to June 30, 2023.

Affected BLDG Licenses Are:

Caulking, Canvas Awning, Concrete Finishing, Concrete Forming and Placing, Concrete Slab Sawing and Core Drilling, Decorative Concrete & Masonry Fence, Door, Fence, Finish Carpentry, Flagpole, Flooring, Garage, and Industrial Door, Gypsum Drywall Installer,

Gypsum Drywall Finisher, Insulation and Acoustical Tile, Lathing, and Plastering, Traditional Thatched Hut Structures (Chickee Hut), Limited Residential Repair, BLDG 0029: Metal Awning & Storm Shutter, Metal Decking & Siding, Metal Partition, Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Iron, Painting, Pneumatic Concrete & Pressure Grouting, Pre-stressed Pre-cast Concrete Erection, Public Seating, Reinforcing Steel Placing, Roof Deck, Screen Enclosure, Sheet Metal Gutter & Downspout, Shower, and Tub Enclosure, Sign – Non-Electric, Structural Steel Erection, Tennis Courts Surfacing, Unit Masonry, Ext. Veneer, and Waterproofing

Affected ELEC Licenses Are:

Master Electrical Utility and Master TV Antenna

Affected PLBG Licenses Are:

Master Portable Chemical Toilets

Affected MECH Licenses Are:

Master Ammonia Refrigeration, Master Gasoline Tank and Pump, Master Heating, Master Insulation, Master Pneumatic Control Piping, Pneumatic Tube Conveyor, Master Pressure & Process Piping, Master Refrigeration & Air Condition, Master Refrigeration Limited, 

Master Refrigeration Unlimited, Master Room Air Conditioning, Master Steam Generator Boiler and Piping, Master Transporting Assembly Install, Master Transporting Assembly Maintenance and Service, Master Warm Air Heating, 

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