Hire an Off-Duty Officer

Fill out and Submit the Hire an Off-Duty Officer Form

Conditions for Requesting Off-Duty Police Service

There are two types of requests:

  • Short Term: Single (1) day detail up to 30 days
  • Long Term: Over 30 days

Payment Terms

For a Short Term detail, payments must be made in advance for the entire detail term. Payment must be in form of: a) Personal/Certified/Cashiers Check or Money Order, made payable to the City of North Miami Beach, or b) Cash payment may only be made in person, with a receipt provided. Payment should be received at least one week in advance unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

For Long Term details, payments of one (1) month in advance must be maintained to keep the account in good standing. This requirement is per our City Council mandate.

Please note that the North Miami Beach Police Department will make every effort to provide staffing for the requested details, but on occasion, unforeseen circumstances may cause a detail to go uncovered (such as court mandated appearances, or illness, etc). If this were to occur, you would not be billed or charged for those hours. For further assistance or questions please contact our Off-Duty Coordinator: Angela Sippio 305-919-3710 or email.

If you agree to the above terms and want to continue with the process of requesting off-duty police services, please complete and submit the below form and our Off-Duty staff will contact you within 24 hours. Note: Requests for Off-Duty officers are only accepted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sufficient advance notice is required.