Hire an Off-Duty Officer

Fill out and Submit the Hire an Off-Duty Officer Form

The North Miami Beach Police Department would like to thank you for considering our police officers for your security needs. Our off-duty services are important to us and our community and we hope you have been satisfied with the services we have provided to you.

Effective Tuesday, December 16, 2019, the fee to hire an off-duty police officer will be $48.00 per hour.  Any time an officer is required to work at your establishment or event on a holiday, the fee will be $72.00 per hour.

Conditions for Requesting Off-Duty Police Service

There are two types of requests:

Short Term: Single (1) day detail up to 30 days

Long Term: Over 30 days


A.        When four (4) or more officers are assigned to the same job, the highest ranking officer will receive an extra $1.00 per hour. 

B.        Two (2) officers per 250 patrons at establishments serving alcohol or at the discretion of the Administrative Division Major or his/her designee. The Administrative Division Major may determine if more or less supervision is needed for the special event. In cases where the Establishment/Applicant underestimated the attendance, the On-duty Supervisor may at his/her discretion notify the establishment/applicant that additional officers are needed. Whether or not the establishment/applicant can be notified, the additional officers may be called in and the establishment/applicant billed accordingly.


The holiday rate charge will be applied to all jobs on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day -

Martin Luther King’s Day

President’s Day  

Memorial Day Holiday

Independence Day

Labor Day First Monday in September

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve


A.        Cancellations by the Establishment/Applicant:

1.         Cancellations by the establishment/applicant should be made at least 24 hours before the assignment begins. Please contact the Off-duty Coordinator (OC) at (305)919-3710.

2.         If the OC receives less than 24 hours’ notice from the establishment/applicant (with exception of a natural disaster), the establishment/applicant may be charged and the assigned officer(s) will be paid the minimum number of hours as indicated on the permit. This is at the discretion of the OC and/or the Administrative Division Major

3.         During business hours contact the OC by calling (305)919-3710 or (305)949-5500 for cancellations (Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm). The OC will confirm your request.

4.         If the OC does not confirm the cancellation, or if there are unavoidable cancellations of an impending assignment during non-business hours, the establishment/applicant should contact the on-duty Communications Supervisor at (305)949-5500

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the establishment/applicant to notify the OC if the business or organization will be closed for a holiday or for any other purpose when off-duty officers are normally scheduled. If the establishment/applicant fails to notify the OC that officers are not needed that day, the normal minimum charges for the assignment will apply.

III.       CANCELLATIONS BY THE NMBPD:  Cancellations by the Administrative Division Major or the OC:

A.        Under extraordinary circumstances, if an assigned officer is unable to fulfill the assignment due to illness or injury and the OC is unable to obtain a substitute, the detail assignment may be cancelled.

B.        The Establishment/Applicant will not be billed for the hours scheduled. If establishment/applicant paid in advance, the hours scheduled and not worked will be refunded.


A.        In the case of a departmental need or community emergency, the Chief or his designee may cancel an off-duty detail assignment(s). The off-duty officers would then be immediately available for service to the department.

B.        The establishment/applicant will not be billed for any hours not worked.

V.        WORKER’S COMPENSATION/LIABILITY: The City of North Miami Beach is self-insured for general liability and statutory workers’ compensation coverage. Police officers assigned to off duty work are afforded this coverage, and are considered to be City of North Miami Beach employees for the purpose of worker’s compensation/liability.

VI.       OFFICER NOT REPORTING FOR OFF-DUTY JOB: If an officer was scheduled to work and did not report, the establishment/applicant should notify the OC at (305)919-3710 or the Communications Supervisor at (305)949-5500 immediately.

VII.     DISCONTINUE SERVICE:  If the Chief of Police or his designee determines that it is in the best interest of the department to discontinue off-duty services, the establishment/applicant will be notified immediately.

VIII.    SCHEDULED HOURS CHANGED: The OC will try to accommodate schedule change requests if made 24 hours prior to the time of the event.

IX.       NOTICE TO ESTABLISHMENTS/APPLICANTS: The officers are at all times subject to the policies of the City of North Miami Beach and the rules and regulations governing employees of the NMBPD. An establishment/applicant has no authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer. Those rules never supersede NMBPD policy or procedures and employers of the extra duty officers should be so advised. Off-duty officers remain under the exclusive control of the department and accountable for strict adherence to department rules and regulations. Any conflicting rules of employers of off- duty officers will be disregarded. The officer shall refuse to perform any duties deemed to be in conflict with the guidelines established by the NMBPD.  The on-duty supervisor must be contacted at the time of the request.  As determined by the NMBPD, officers may be recalled from off-duty to on duty status.

X.        ATTORNEY’S FEES: In case suit should be brought for recovery of any payment due under this Off-duty Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Payment Terms 

For a Short Term detail, payments must be made in advance for the entire detail term. Payment must be in form of: a) Personal/Certified/Cashiers Check or Money Order, made payable to the City of North Miami Beach, or b) Cash payment may only be made in person, with a receipt provided. Payment should be received at least one week in advance unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

For Long Term details, payments of one (1) month in advance must be maintained to keep the account in good standing. This requirement is per our City Council mandate.

Please note that the North Miami Beach Police Department will make every effort to provide staffing for the requested details, but on occasion, unforeseen circumstances may cause a detail to go uncovered (such as court mandated appearances, or illness, etc). If this were to occur, you would not be billed or charged for those hours. For further assistance or questions please contact our Off-Duty Coordinator: Angela Sippio 305-919-3710 or email.

If you agree to the above terms and want to continue with the process of requesting off-duty police services, please complete and submit the below form and our Off-Duty staff will contact you within 24 hours. Note: Requests for Off-Duty officers are only accepted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sufficient advance notice is required.