Community Services

The Crime Prevention Unit works in concert with the Community Policing and Code Enforcement Units to improve the quality of life for all residents of North Miami Beach by using a  proactive team approached to timely and innovative interventions in  community problems. This team effort analyzes problems from several  perspectives, and identifies, addresses and resolves the root causes of  community problems and concerns, in concert with various citizen and  business groups and other community representatives.

The goals of this collaborative effort are to:

  • To promote safety, and foster harmony, vitality and community development.
  • To increase access to information and community resources through advocacy, empowerment and education.
  • To be the catalyst for positive change through persistent, personalized and cost effective use of public safety resources.
  • To promote community, government and police partnerships; proactive  problem solving; and community engagement to address the causes of  crime, fear of crime and other community quality of life issues.
  • To empower citizens through crime prevention education, and promote an  environment in which people act individually and collectively to prevent crime and build safer communities.

The Crime Prevention Unit also works closely with the Media Relations Unit is to keep the public informed about the many services and programs that the Police Department offers to the public.  For more information on what the Crime Prevention Unit offers, please visit the Crime Prevention Section.

  1. Assael_ Jose

    Jose Assael

    Captain -Operations Division

  2. Philome_ John

    John Philome

    Commander - Crime Prevention