Seniors vs. Crime

The North Miami Beach Police Department is proud to announce the opening of our new Seniors vs Crime Program. This program is a special project of the Florida Attorney General's Office offered by the North Miami Beach Police Department [AG Bill McCollum's Press Release, October 12, 2007].

The primary goal of the Seniors vs. Crime program is to reduce the victimization of senior citizens. Seniors are often the target of specific crimes because of their age and trusting nature. If you are a senior citizen and you feel that a business has cheated you out of money or not delivered what they promised, you can go to the Seniors vs. Crime Office and have your case reviewed.

Seniors vs. Crime Ribbon Cutting

The Seniors vs. Crime program is not limited to Seniors only and any citizen of South Florida can request the services of the program.

Shopping Buddy Program

The NMBPD Seniors vs. Crime Office has also instituted a new part of our program which will assist individuals in researching the legitimacy of a business before making a purchase or before signing a contract. This new initiative is called the Shopping Buddy Program.

Individuals can call the NMBPD Seniors vs. Crime Office and request assistance in researching a business to determine if they are properly licensed and insured and if the business has any unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

The Seniors vs. Crime Office does not recommend or endorse any business and only provides information that is available using public records and records from the Better Business Bureau and that the consumer could have obtained themselves.

Our volunteers are here to assist in researching this information for individuals that may not have the ability to do the research themselves or may need help with the research.

Our Shopping Buddy Program also offers a “Shopping Buddy” to accompany a senior purchaser to make a financial decision. The Buddy does not suggest a particular transaction choice. Rather the Buddy will remind the purchaser of the senior’s purpose.

Seniors & Sales

For example, we who deal with seniors know that a common tactic of car dealerships is to greet the lone senior who drives in with her old vehicle with the friendly invitation to wash her car for her free of charge. Once those keys are in the hands of the salesperson and passed to an associate, the senior is effectively held hostage until the salesperson or sales manager decides to release the senior or until the senior threatens to call the police as she is a prisoner. As female seniors tend to submit to any injustice to avoid discomfort, the senior usually is worn down by sales tactics and unable to leave tends to sign, not for a new car, but for a new lease agreement and drives off the lot with a leased car. The next day full of buyer’s remorse and refreshed from a good night’s sleep, the senior will call the dealership to reverse the sale and get her old car back. She is usually told that her old car is now sold and irretrievable and that she is the proud owner of a leased vehicle and its payments.

Seniors Vs. Crime

Shopping Buddies

If a Shopping Buddy had been present, the Buddy would have advised the senior to not get the free car wash and to keep her keys. Then when she had wanted to leave, she could have done so.

If after coming to the dealership to trade in her car and buy a new one, the senior was steered to a leased vehicle, the Shopping Buddy could remind the senior that her intention was to buy a new vehicle, not to purchase a leased contract.

Persons who wish to use a Shopping Buddy should contact us below.

The Seniors vs. Crime Office is located at the North Miami Beach Police Department at 16901 NE 19th Avenue

Note: We will accept walk-in complaints. However, we suggest you call to make an appointment to discuss your case in advance. Specific documents may be required to review prior to discussing your case.

Contact Us

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Phone: 305-948-2955

If you have any questions about our program, or to request a contractor or vendor license check, please call or email us at seniors vs. crime.