Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau of the Crime Prevention Unit offers lectures to civic groups, schools, business groups, community groups, neighborhood watch groups or any group with in interest in preventing crime.

Types of Services Offered

Robbery Prevention Presentations

These presentations are given at retail businesses, banks, or at any organization that handles money. These presentations are designed to instruct employees in procedures to prevent robbery, and proper actions employees should take if they are a victim of an armed robbery.

Personal Safety Presentations

This program can be given in just about any setting, or with any group of people. This presentation gives assorted tips and suggestions of actions that individuals can take to make themselves less susceptible to crime.

Shoplifting Prevention

These presentations are given at retail businesses or at high school co-op classes. Such topics as: Shoplifting Recognition and Prevention; and Short Change Artist Recognition and Prevention are covered.

Commercial Business Security Surveys

A thorough security survey is conducted of both the interior and exterior of the business; covering lighting, locks, and types of doors and windows. Also; exterior fencing, parking, alarms, and personnel security practices are reviewed. A confidential security survey report is provided for the business owner.

Senior Citizen Safety Presentations

These programs cover such subjects as: Personal Safety, Home Security, Cons and Scams; and Auto Theft Prevention.

Additional Safety Presentations and Programs

Home Security Surveys

A complete security survey of the home is conducted. The Crime Prevention Officer examines locks, doors, strike plates, and windows. Exterior and interior lighting are also examined, as well as shrubbery and fencing. Written suggestions on how to improve the security of the home are given.

Crime Prevention Displays

Displays are conducted for area businesses, schools, and universities. Numerous brochures covering a large array of Crime Prevention topics are provided for the general public. Also, various exhibits of locks for the home and for automobiles are shown, as well as several examples of personal safety devices. Crime Prevention Officers working at the displays interact with the public and answer questions.