Bid Notifications

What is Periscope Source?


The City of North Miami Beach has partnered with Periscope Source to provide web-based bidding services to their vendors, suppliers and contractors. If you have done, or would like to do business with The City of North Miami Beach you must register for a free Periscope S2G Limited Account. 

This partnership makes it easier for you continue to do business with The City of North Miami Beach. Registering with Periscope Source will not only give you access to search all bids and bid documents, but also notifies you daily or when a bid matches your online profile. In addition, you will be able to respond to business opportunities and track your Bid submissions via the Internet. The registration process is simple and should take less than five minutes.

Click this link to Register for free.

If you need additional assistance regarding the Periscope Source registration and training process as a City of North Miami Beach vendor, please contact the Periscope Source support team at 1.800.990.9339. Should you have any questions or require additional information on a competitive solicitation, please contact Procurement Management Division at

DISCLAIMER: The use of the Periscope Source for City of North Miami Beach solicitation does not require your firm to participate in any of the Periscope Source  Subscription services or options. The City of North Miami Beach does not endorse Periscope Source Subscription services besides the FREE service provided for City Of North Miami Beach business. If you receive undesired marketing emails or notifications from Periscope Source, you can unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the email message and clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link.