Cone of Silence

Cone of Silence, means a prohibition on any communication regarding a particular Request for Proposal (“RFP”), Request for Qualification (“RFQ”) or Invitation to Bid ("ITB").

Pursuant to Section 2-11.1(t) of the County Code, all solicitations, once advertised and until an award recommendation has been forwarded to the appropriate authority are under the “Cone of Silence”.  Any communication or inquiries, except for clarification of process or procedure already contained in the solicitation, are to be made in writing to the attention of the Chief Procurement Officer or Procurement Supervisor.  Such inquiries or request for information shall be submitted to the Chief Procurement Officer or Procurement Supervisor and shall contain the requester’s name, address, and telephone number.  If transmitted by facsimile, the request should also include a cover sheet with Proposer’s facsimile number.  The request may also be electronically mailed to or mailed to Procurement Management Division, 17011 NE 19 Avenue, Suite 315, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162.

During the Cone of Silence the following is prohibited: Any communication regarding the solicitation between a potential vendor, service provider, Proposer, lobbyist, or consultant and the City’s professional staff including, but not limited to City Commission, the City Manager and his or her staff. All communication regarding the solicitation should be sent in writing only to the Procurement Management Division at