Shoplifting Prevention

  • Businesses lose billions of dollars each year to shoplifting, and then often must pass this loss on to the customers through higher prices.
  • Train employees in how to reduce opportunities for shoplifting and how to apprehend shoplifters. Work with law enforcement to teach employees what actions may signal shoplifting.
  • Keep the store neat and orderly. Use mirrors to eliminate "blind spots" in corners that might hide shoplifters.
  • Merchandise should be kept away from store exits to prevent grab-and-run situations.
  • Keep displays full and orderly, so employees can see at a glance if something is missing.
  • Keep expensive merchandise in locked cases. Limit the number of items employees remove at any one time for customers to examine.
  • Design the exits of the business so all persons must pass by security personnel or store employees. You may want to use an electronic article surveillance system or other inventory control devices.
  • The cash register should be inaccessible to customers, locked, and monitored at all times. Place it near the front of the store, so employees can also monitor customers coming and going.
  • Dressing rooms and rest rooms should be watched at all times. Keep dressing rooms locked and limit the number of items taken in.