Looking for Community Partners?

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce exist in thousands of communities. They can help start a Business Watch, offer crime prevention information to area businesses, or organize seminars on "hot" topics, like bad checks or credit card fraud.

Business Associations

Merchants may join together to address a problem that directly affects their business operations. Some examples include poor street lighting, lack of police patrols, parking, loitering, or prostitution. A business or merchant's association could price employment for youth, community improvements, or funding for a manual on small business security.

Service Clubs

Many communities have local chapters of such service groups as Exchange Clubs, Kiwanis, Lions, Jaycees, Rotary, and Optimists. These groups take on a variety of community and business service projects. They often have many members from the local business community.

Special Interest Associations/Groups

Businesses often join others with similar interests. Retail merchants as a whole, specialty stores, computer retailers, drug stores, grocers, cleaners, restaurants, or convenience stores may all have associations in a city or region.

Private Security

Increased partnerships between business groups, private security, and police can enhance each others efforts to protect commercial areas.

Community Associations

Business groups can find effective partners in community and neighborhood associations. Both groups have a strong stake in thriving residential and commercial areas. They are often well versed in strategies for securing physical improvements such as street lighting or road repairs. In partnership with business, they can also reach out to help solve problems that affect the entire community's well-being, such as homelessness, lack of jobs, or the need for battered women's shelters.