Reporting a Code Violation

Responsibility Builds Clean, Safe and Beautiful Neighborhoods

Aging is a natural part of life. As we age, we routinely take steps to improve and maintain our good health. Likewise, properties within our neighborhoods also require proper maintenance to stay in good condition as they age.

Similar to our bodies, when our properties are not properly maintained, they begin to deteriorate. This deterioration can not only contribute to a decline in property values, but as property values fall, crime in our neighborhoods can increase and the quality of life of our citizens can be negatively affected.

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Making a Report

Any individual can report what they think may be a code violation by calling our office at 305-948-2964, or reporting the violation online using the FIX IT NMB website. A member of our staff will take the information and assign the investigation to the Code Compliance Officer responsible for that area. If the Code Compliance Officer determines that a code violation exists, the Code Enforcement process will be implemented.