Accounts Payable

The accounts payable division is responsible for processing payments of all invoices received for the purchase of goods and services and tracking physical assets purchased by the City. Once items are purchased, this division is responsible for paying the vendor or supplier of the product or service. Invoices must first be approved for payment by the operating department and then forwarded to accounts payable. An IRS W-9 Form must be completed and on file with the City prior to checks being issued. Checks are mailed directly to the appropriate vendors on a weekly basis. No payment can be made without proper authorization, support material, and approval.

Important Points

Important points to remember:

  • The operating department should give the vendor a written purchase order detailing the terms and conditions prior to the sale.
  • Original invoices (with the City's purchase order number written on the invoice) should be sent to the operating department that purchased the goods or services.
  • Vendors should not fax or send copies directly to accounts payable. The operating department will submit approved invoices to accounts payable for processing. Accounts payable cannot approve invoices for payment.
  • Only approved invoices are processed. Invoices are entered on a daily basis. Checks are printed weekly and mailed directly to the vendor on a weekly basis. At this time, the City only issues paper accounts payable checks; no electronic transmission is available.
  • The best time to reach the Accounts Payable Office are Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Questions regarding payment status should be directed to the operating department that ordered the goods or service.

Streamlining Payments

For vendors wishing to streamline their payments, remember to ask for a purchase order number prior to the sale. Please include this purchase order number on the face of the invoice. If possible, include the model and serial number on the invoice, as well.