About Us


The mission of the Planning and Zoning Department is to 

  • Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public
  • Enhance the city's aesthetic appearance
  • Maintain and improve the commercial and residential environment
  • Raise the general quality of life in the city
  • Promote sustainability and economic development

In addition, it is the Department's intent to implement comprehensive programs in regards to land development, building construction, and neighborhood preservation.


The Department is responsible for the processing of proposed land development projects. Types of actions processed by the Department include: 

  • Alcoholic beverage license applications
  • Comprehensive Plan amendments
  • Conditional use requests
  • Future Land Use Map amendments
  • Inspections for building permits, GIS mapping, and floodplain management
  • New site plan applications
  • Plats and re-plats
  • Plan review
  • Rezoning
  • Right-of-way abandonments
  • Special limited conditional use applications
  • Variances