Special Event Application Section

If the application is for a Film or TV Shoot, in addition to completing our application, you must contact the Miami-Dade County's Office of Film and Entertainment.

North Miami Beach Police Department

North Miami Beach Police Department:
Office of Facility Safety and Security - Special Event Application Section
16901 NE 19 Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Security Requirements

As an event organizer, you are required to provide a safe and secure environment for your event. Your event may require a security plan and some events may require the services of a professional security company licensed by the State of Florida to help develop an appropriate security plan.

If required, once your security plan has been submitted, the North Miami Beach Police Department will review your plan and recommend the minimum number of licensed private security guards and/or off-duty officers required to adequately staff your event.

The North Miami Beach Police Department has final authority to determine your event security requirements. If an appropriate number of licensed private security guards are not provided, or prove inadequate, the North Miami Beach Police Department maintains the right to shut down any or all components of the event or bring in additional police services. The cost of any additional police services deemed necessary will be billed directly to the host organization.

What is a Special Event?

Special events are activities where large numbers of persons may gather for a legitimate purpose. Such events may include parades, cultural programs, festivals, music concerts, religious gatherings, block parties, community activities, and First Amendment Rights activities, etc. Some of these events may require certain licenses, permits and/or approvals from city and county government as well as private property owners.

In general, only commercial property special events require advanced notification and various approvals depending on the type of the event. However, there may be an occasion when a large gathering that is being held at a residence would also require certain approvals.

Why does the City of North Miami Beach Require Special Event Notification in Advance? 

The goal of the City of North Miami Beach is to allow events which are safe and that do not adversely impact area residents, businesses, event attendees, and participants.

Staff from various departments of the City of North Miami Beach may be required to review your application to ensure that all legal requirements are met.


We ask that a completed Special Events Application and Notification form be received no less than 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the event. (There are some cases where a site plan may be required to be submitted with the application). In addition to completing this online form, please call regarding events that involve a political march or rally, or other exercise of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Site Plans

If required, a detailed site plan should include the 

  • Engineering calculations for anchoring / tie down of tents
  • Event activities
  • Exit lighting if a valance is used
  • Fencing
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire lanes
  • Flame certification for tent materials
  • Generators
  • Size of tents

Site plans must be submitted to the North Miami Beach Building Department at 17050 Northeast 19 Avenue and / or the Miami Dade Fire Department. The Miami-Dade Fire Department, a separate entity from the City, handles Fire and Rescue Services for the City of North Miami Beach. 

However, there may be certain Fire Department requirements that must be met when requesting to host a Special Event within the City of North Miami Beach. As the Event Coordinator, you may be required to contact them directly at 786-331-4800.

After Submitting Application

After reviewing the Special Event Application form, you may be required to use City of North Miami Beach Police Officers for your event. If you choose to hire off-duty police officers please see the following:

If you have any questions regarding the security requirements, please contact the North Miami Beach Police Department's Office of Facility Safety and Security at 305-948-2955.

Special Event and Film Permit Application

Fill out the Special Event and Film Permit Application.