Boards & Committees

How to Join a Board or Committee

Individuals who would like to join a board or committee are invited to complete an Application (PDF). These applications may be downloaded from this site or obtained from the Office of the Mayor and City Commission or Office of the City Clerk. When a vacancy occurs, the Commission will review the applicants and choose a new replacement.

For a list of vacancies or additional information, interested persons may contact the City Clerk’s office at 305-787-6001.

Citizen Involvement

If a citizen wishes to participate directly in city government, one means is to serve on a local government commission, board, or advisory committee. In the case of cities, a charter generally states that local government has the power to create commissions, boards, and advisory committees when such needs arise, and includes the powers, duties, and composition of any such permanent bodies. Temporary bodies may be created and abolished by resolution or administrative order.

Commissions and boards sometimes are assigned significant powers of policy-making and/or administration. Advisory committees serve an important function in providing expertise in certain areas of city or county concern. Usually established at the request of the City Commission, they may be made up of both citizens and Commissioners and may deal with issues and problems which are deemed worthy of special consideration and advisement.

Committees add another degree of local government responsiveness to the public interest. They provide an excellent opportunity for citizens to actively participate in the operation of their local government. While advisory committees lack the power to make or administer policy on their own, they do address matters that deserve the extra attention and consideration that only a group of interested, concerned citizens can render. They may make recommendations to the City Commission as needed.

More About the City’s Boards & Commissions

Most boards and committees have a commission liaison assigned to them. The number of board members varies per body. Most of the boards meet monthly. Some of the boards are created by City Charter; others are created via ordinances and resolutions approved by the City Commission. Most boards also require the board member complete and provide to the Supervisor of Elections annually, a Form 1 - Financial Disclosure form. All board meetings of the City are covered under the Public Records Law, Chapter 119 and the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. Most of the boards serve in an advisory capacity. As a result of the citizen involvement and participation, all the boards provide much needed assistance in assuring that actions taken by the City are not only in the best interest of the City but also have the support and input of its citizens.

Board Meeting Schedules

Each board establishes its regular meeting times, whether they be monthly or quarterly. All currently scheduled meetings can be viewed on the Calendar of Events.