Police & Community Together (PACT)

A new approach in crime-fighting is making North Miami Beach safer. PACT is an initiative that allows the police, and the citizens they serve, to come together in a cooperative spirit of helping each other to achieve a crime free community. After crime information has been gathered and analyzed by the police, the police will deploy the PACT Team into specific neighborhoods, to help reduce specific crime problems and at a later time, see how their efforts are working.

The PACT Team utilizes the police departments Mobile Resource Center, which will be deployed into specific neighborhoods and business areas of the city. These areas are chosen based on recent crime trends identified in the area.

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What Will Be Discussed at Pact Meetings

  • Any new initiatives the police are developing or implementing.
  • The benefits of and how start and maintain a Neighborhood Crime Watch.
  • A question and answer period between the police and participants on police related topics.
  • Recent crime trends in the specific area of the meeting.
  • A review of sexual predators in the neighborhood.
  • Various resources that the police offer to help you better protect yourself and keep you aware of on-going crime trends, etc.
  • Volunteer programs offered by the police department.

The Benefits of PACT

  • PACT will allow police to conduct research on the causes of and potential solutions to recent crime trends.
  • PACT will challenge its community leaders to listen to the concerns and ideas of their neighbors and through individual one-to-one meetings, help the police with the resolution of their concerns.
  • PACT will develop “social capital” - the relationships between people beyond their close friends and family - which is the hallmark of any healthy community.
  • PACT will encourage local residents to also identify crime and anti-social behavior issues they feel are important and discuss them with the police.
  • PACT will encourage neighbors and businesses to have substantive conversations with others in their respective communities in an effort to determine priority problems.

Do you want to discuss what the North Miami Beach Police Department is doing about crime and anti-social behavior in your area? If so, attend a PACT meeting in your neighborhood.

Meetings are open to everyone and are attended by North Miami Beach Police Department representatives.

Meetings are held at local venues at convenient times - usually early evening - and last no longer than an hour.

Meetings take place either inside our Mobile Resource Center or outside the MRC depending on the weather.

For more information on PACT, to schedule a PACT meeting in your neighborhood or to find the date and time of the next local PACT meeting, please contact the North Miami Beach Police Departments Crime Prevention Unit at 305-948-2955 or check the list of meeting dates, times and locations below.

Location of the PACT Meetings are based on identified Crime Trends in specific areas. The trend analysis is conducted 1 week prior to the schedules meeting date. The locations chosen will be updated at that time.