Municipal Elections

Notice to All Candidates

Election information on this site is not intended to be a complete digest of election laws.

Each candidate is responsible to comply with and adhere to any and all of those current and applicable State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and City of North Miami Beach laws regarding elections.

However, please be advised that City Charter and Code of Ordinances provisions may be preempted by Florida law, and/or state laws may be subject to changes(s).

Canvassing Board

To Be Announced. 

List of Qualifying Requirements

  1. Statement of Candidate
  2. Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository (PDF)
  3. Loyalty Oath of Candidate (PDF)
  4. Statement of Financial Interests (Form 1)
  5. Ethical Campaign Practices Declaration (PDF)
    1. This form is voluntary
  6. A campaign account check in the amount of $150 for the position of Commissioner
    and $180 for the position of Mayor, payable to the City of North Miami Beach.
    (No personal checks are permitted/accepted).
  7. Forms
    1. DS-DE 12 (Campaign Treasurer’s Report Summary)
    2. DS-DE 13 (Campaign Treasurer’s Report-Itemized Contributions)
    3. DS-DE 13A (Campaign Treasurer’s Report-Fund Transfers)
    4. DS-DE 14 (Campaign Treasurer’s Report-Itemized Expenditures)
    5. DS-DE 14A (Campaign Treasurer’s Report-Itemized Distributions)
    6. DS-DE 87 (Waiver of Report)Candidate Handbook
  8. Candidate Handbook