Information Technologies

Information Technologies is an internal service department providing “on demand” services and support to citywide staff in areas such as:

  • General requests regarding 
    • Applications systems
    • Data
    • Tools
  • Hardware and software acquisition
  • Help desk support
  • Problem resolution / coordination
  • Research, and assistance
  • System and security administration
  • Telecommunication and mail processing services
  1. Technical Services
  2. Audio Visual Services
  3. Administrative Services

Network / Desktop Services

Plans and administers a production computing environment that offers security, reliability, availability, and performance. Desktop support is provided for all employees and to public access areas at the library, computer labs, and resource centers.

Application Services

Develops and maintains business applications integrated with the production environment, in accordance with the city’s priorities. Provides a mandatory cyber-security training platform for employees.


Supports and configures telephone extensions and lines; provides voice mail and messaging services; provides coordination of cable TV and long distance services; provides installation, diagnostic, and repair services for voice and data communications.

  1. Felicia Bellamy

    IT Office Administrator

  1. Juan Lopez

    Systems Analyst

  1. Victor Ng

    Systems Analyst

  1. Gustavo Velasquez

    Programmer Analyst

  1. Marijan Jankulovski

    Network Administrator

  1. Wing Chan

    IT Specialist

  1. Osman Alvarenga

    IT Specialist (PT)

  1. Nicolas De Castro

    IT Specialist (PT)

  1. Chadwick Purchas

    IT Support Analyst

  1. Erns Robillard

    AV Technician (PT)

  1. Adrianne Derozin

    AV Technician (PT)