NMB Line

Woman in red shirt getting off NMB Line Trolley at stop.
NMB Line Trolley in the street.
NMB Line Trolley at the Intercoastall Mall at night.

Routes & Trolleys

The NMB Line offers four routes, providing valuable, six days per week access to more desired destinations.  See the latest Route Schedule Here.

Safer Rides

The city is also very pleased to provide new, larger, more attractive and safer vehicles for all NMB Line riders.

The “old town” style trolley vehicles feature multiple surveillance cameras for rider safety, on board Wi-Fi, as well as real time arrival updates through our “NMB Transit app." The app allows you to find the closest bus stop to you for any of the new routes, get an estimated time of arrival for the trolley, and to see which stops connect with Miami-Dade Transit.

Find a Bus

Want to see where all the buses are right now? Check out a map!

Rides for Everyone

All NMB Line routes continue to provide FREE, SAFE, and CONVENIENT service Monday through Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. All vehicles are in full compliance with American with Disabilities Act requirements.

Uleta Trolley Launch

On Sunday February 9th 2020, the City launched it’s most recent route servicing the Uleta community and the western end of the City. This unprecedented service now allows residents and visitors to go anywhere within the City in one ride of one transfer, using one of our four routes for FREE.