NMB Transit App

The NMB Transportation APP makes taking one of the NMB Line routes incredibly easy!

Want to see all the routes in real time?  View the map!

Using the App

To start using the app, download the NMB Transit App from the Apple Store or the Android Play Store.

Once you've installed the app on your phone, take a few moments to get acquainted with the options in the lower menu bar

Home Screen
Where Am I
East Tracker View


This is your home screen. Select from the menu at the bottom of your home screen.

Where Am I?

This shows you your location on a map. It will also show you the closest stop for each route. Click on the stop to see the complete route information.

Easy Tracker

This shows you where the bus is once you select a route. It will also show you where you where the closest bus stop is to your position. The highlighted green bar with the blue trolley shows you where the bus is in relation to your stop. On the live app, if you click on any of the stops, it will let you know how long until the bus reaches that stop.

Routes Tracker
My Stops

Routes Tracker

Select your route and the map will pop up. It will show you where your are in relation to the trolley route.

My Stops

This is where you can "add" your stop(s) to the app for quick viewing.