Floodplain Management

Are you in a Flood Zone?


The City of North Miami Beach offers assistance with a variety of ways to mitigate flooding risks and support residents and business owners:


Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

The FIRM is an official map, on which FEMA has delineated both the Special Flood Hazard Areas and the risk premiums zones applicable to The City of North Miami Beach. If you are unsure of the flood risks at your property, the city can provide information from the FIRM given your property address.

Flood Hazard Information

Elevation Certificates (E.C.)

The City of North Miami Beach maintains Elevation Certificates for buildings built or substantially improved in the special flood hazard area (SFHA). To find out if an Elevation certificate is available for your property, click here or Contact the Floodplain Manager.

Flood Brochure - Flood Hazard Information

The City of North Miami Beach provides necessary services to equip residents with necessary Flood Hazard information. In order to view the Flood Brochure provided by the city Click Here. For more information contact the Floodplain Manager. 

Construction Workers

Flood Protection Assistance

If requested, the Floodplain Manager/Building Official and Public Works Administrator will visit a property to review its flood problem and explain possible ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. click here to request a free site visit. 

FLood Insurance 2

Flood Insurance

The City is available to assist property owners in coordinating with Lenders, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Agents with issues related to flood insurance requirements. Federal law requires that a flood zone determination be completed as a condition of receiving a federally backed grant or loan. This determination confirms whether structure is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and if so, to require flood insurance.

Because of the City’s participation in the Community Rating System of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, flood insurance from the NFIP is available for any property in North Miami Beach. Contact the Floodplain Manager/Building Official at (305) 948-2965 or by email nmbcomdev@citynmb.com for any additional information.

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National Flood Insurance Program
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