Garbage/Debris Pick-Up Instructions

Garbage & Bulk Trash Service

In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, garbage and bulk trash updates will be posted here.

Before the Hurricane

Please do not trim trees and shrubs after a hurricane watch or warning has been announced.

Remember, trash and yard waste can become dangerous projectiles if propelled by hurricane-force winds.

When a Hurricane Threatens

Pay close attention to official announcements from the news stations and the National Hurricane Center and your Emergency Management Office. Do not pay attention to rumors.  When a Hurricane Watch is announced, take these steps:

Garbage Bins, Recycling Bins, Patio Furniture & Bulk Trash

  • Bring in objects that can be blown away, such as garbage cans, garden tools, lawn furniture and plants.  Anchor objects that cannot be brought inside.
  • Garbage and/or recycling bins may be tied down to prevent them from blowing away.
  • Do not place out any bulk trash items for removal before a storm.
  • Check your property, and secure any loose items that may become airborne during a storm.

During a Hurricane

Weather conditions may deteriorate rapidly, hours before the arrival of a hurricane’s worst weather.  Stay indoors.  Stay inside a well-constructed building that is outside a flood zone. Strong winds can produce deadly missiles and structural failures.

After a Hurricane

Keep the Roads Clear of Traffic

Following any storm, police, fire, NMB Water, Public Works, as well as the City's contractors will have personnel out in force working to restore services to our community. In addition, storm debris removal experts have been contracted by the City to clean up debris following a major storm.

You can help by keeping the roadways clear for emergency and first-responder vehicles.  If you must travel, do so with extreme caution.

Hurricane Debris

You can help expedite hurricane-debris removal by keeping tree limbs and branches separate from other non-vegetative debris, such as roof tiles, lumber, metal, cement or anything that is not considered green.  Hurricane-cleanup crews will pick up the vegetative/green debris first, not mixed debris piles.  Just remember, if it grows, it goes first.

Non-vegetative items are considered construction and debris, better known as C&D, and are picked up after all vegetative debris is removed.  By separating your debris piles, you are helping to greatly expedite the cleanup efforts.  Following a hurricane, cleanup crews focus on storm-related debris and will not pick up normal bulk trash items, such as bedding, furniture or white goods like washers, freezers or refrigerators, until your regular bulk-trash service has been restored.


Place hurricane debris into two piles: one pile for vegetative debris, and the other for items such as roof tiles, wood, metals, etc.