Secure Job Sites

Securing Your Job Site is Your Responsibility

In the event a hurricane watch or greater advisory is issued, it is the responsibility of the property owner and associated contractor of any on-going construction work to secure all areas of the site. Areas/items that need securing are:

  • Protect all glass areas with proper shutters
  • Fasten down or remove all hazardous objects which include: construction shacks, temporary toilets, roofing tile, building materials, trash, forms, unsecured structures, temporary electric poles, etc.

This is mandatory per the Florida Building Code.

Construction Workers

City Building Officials and Code Compliance Officers will attempt to contact each site to ensure compliance with these regulations. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure all items are secure, etc.

Those failing to follow this procedure may be cited, fined and held legally responsible for any damage caused by failing to secure the above items.

For questions concerning these orders, please contact the Building Department at 305-948-2965.