Sister Cities

The City of North Miami Beach is recognized as a city of diverse and rich cultural heritage. The Mayor and Commission recognize the special relationship that citizens of this City and area have with our Sister Cities.

These relationships were established as an information sharing and/or cultural exchange between the City of North Miami Beach and its sister cities, as a gesture of friendship and in keeping with the City’s policies vis-à-vis other heretofore Sister Cities.

Flag of Honduras

City of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America
(Resolution No. R66-2)

Flag of Haiti

City of Gonaives, Haiti
(Resolution No. R2007-50)

Flag of Italy

City of Lucca, Italy
(No Resolution - Relationship established via trip by McDonald/Foote 1984)

Flag of Ghana

City of Accra, Republic of Ghana
(Resolution No. R2010-63)

Flag of Israel

City of Migdal, Israel
(Resolution No. 88-65)

Flag of Haiti

City of Tabarre, Haiti
(Resolution No. 2013-16)

Flag of the Republic of China

City of Ping Jenn, Taiwan, Republic of China
(Resolution No. R96-30)

Flag of Haiti

City of La Chapellel, Haiti
(Resolution No. 2013-17)

Flag of the Dominican Republic

City of Sosua, Dominican Republic
(Resolution No. R2004-11)