Sky Lake

Sky Lake Improvement Projects

Street Light Upgrading & Addition (PN Number 23)

  • Replacing existing 100-watt fixtures with 200-watt Cobra Head fixtures and adding lights as necessary in the entire neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed March 2004.

Sky Lake - Phase II (PN Number 54)

  • Roundabout at NE 187th Street and NE 21st Avenue and new drainage system in NE 21st Avenue.
  • Status: Completed February 2004.

NE 186 Street Roadway Improvement (PN Number 26)

  • Drainage, curbing, road reconstruction, sidewalk, and landscaping improvements will be conducted on NE 186th Street between NE 18th Avenue and NE 19th Avenue.
  • Status: Completed January 2004.

Sky Lake Entrances Streetscape (PN Number 24)

  • Neighborhood entrances into Sky Lake have been upgraded at the following intersections to include landscaping, decorative street lighting, and stamped concrete crosswalks:
  • NE 22nd Road at NE 22nd Avenue
  • NE 191st Drive at NE 22nd Avenue
  • Miami Gardens Drive at NE 19th Avenue
  • NE 186th Street at NE 18th Avenue
  • Roundabouts with stamped concrete crosswalks, decorative streetlights and landscaping have been constructed at the following intersections:
  • NE 188th Terrace and NE 20th Court
  • NE 187th Street at NE 21st Avenue
  • Additional traffic calming requested by the neighborhood is subject to review and approval by Miami-Dade County.
  • Status: Completed September 2003.

Intersection Improvement (PN Number 25)

  • Stamped concrete crosswalks, decorative streetlights and landscaping improvements have been completed at the intersection of NE 188th Terrace and NE 20th Court.
  • Status: Completed July 2003.