Uleta Improvement Projects

Uleta Entrances Streetscape (PN #55)

  • Stamped concrete crosswalks and decorative street lights at NE 177th Street, NE 172nd Street (west side of NE 6th Avenue) and N. Miami Avenue (north side of NE 168 Street)
  • Status:  Completed July 2005.
Uleta Neighborhood Improvements

Sidewalk Installation & Replacement (PN #34)

  • Installing, replacing or repairing the sidewalks and handicap ramps in various locations in the neighborhood.
  • Status:  Completed:  October 2004.

Uleta Roadway Improvements (PN #36)

  • In a major renovation of the southwestern section of Uleta, many of the streets will be reconstructed.  The project will include drainage, curbing, landscaping, sidewalks and on-street parking.
  • Status:  Completed:  August 2004.

Uleta Neighborhood Resource Center

  • 16880 NE 4 Court
  • Offering tutoring and mentoring, life and job skills training, computer skills training, a homework center, including computer access and internet (if available), Intervention & Prevention Assistance Programs, Public-Assistance Referrals, Job Search Assistance, and is a designated Safe Place site.
  • Uleta Park Community Center
  • Uleta Park Swimming Pool