Windward Improvement Projects

FEMA Stormwater Projects (PN Number 47)

  • Drainage and road resurfacing (15% matching fund with 85% FEMA) at NE 6 Avenue to NE 10 Avenue between NE 167 Street to NE 171 Street
  • Status: This part of project completed. Work for overlay will be in approximately 2 to 3 months

NE 7th Avenue Roadway Improvement (PN Number 57)

  • Street overlay, swale restoration and landscape at NE 7th Avenue between NE 167th Street and NE 168th Street
  • Status: Completed: March 2005.

NE 167 Street Swale Improvement (PN Number 56)

  • Curbing, landscape and driveway aprons restoration on the south side of NE 167th Street between NE 10th Avenue and NE 12th Avenue
  • Status: Completed: December 2004.

Sidewalk Installation & Replacement (PN Number 44)

  • Installing, replacing or repairing the sidewalks and handicap ramps in various areas of the neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed: December 2004.

Street Overlay & Swale Improvement (PN Number 45)

  • Various locations in the neighborhood will have the following improvements: milling and/or overlay of roads and installing sod and trees on the swales.
  • Status: Completed February 2004.

NE 10 Avenue Roadway Improvement (PN Number 46)

  • Stamped crosswalks at NE 175th Street, decorative lights, road overlay and swale improvements have been completed from NE 10th Avenue between NE 167th Street to NE 183rd Street.
  • Status: Completed November 2002.

Street Light Upgrading & Addition (PN Number 43)

  • Replaced existing 100-watt fixtures with 200-watt Cobra Head fixtures and added lights as necessary in the entire neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed August 2001.