Oak Grove

Oak Grove Improvement Projects

NE 12th Avenue Landscape & Sod (PN Number 60)

  • Trees and sod in conjunction with Miami-Dade County's construction of NE 12th Avenue project between NE 151st Street and NE 167th Street
  • Status: Ongoing

NE 10th Avenue & North Miami Beach Boulevard Drainage & Swale Improvement (PN Number 58)

  • Drainage, swale restoration and curbing at southeast corner of NE 10th Avenue and N Miami Beach Boulevard
  • Status: Completed: April 2005.

Street Light Upgrading & Addition (PN Number 17)

  • Replacing existing 100-watt fixtures with 200-watt Cobra Head fixtures and adding lights as necessary in the entire neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed: December 2005.

Additional Street Overlay & Swale Improvement (PN Number 50)

  • Overlay and restore swale on NE 12th Avenue and NE 15th Avenue between 151st and 159th Street (exclude NE 12th Avenue).
  • Status: Completed April 2004.

NE 13 Avenue Median Beautification (PN Number 20)

  • Installation of trees, landscaping and decorative streetlights will be conducted from NE 151st Street to NE 159th Street.
  • Status: Completed February 2004, pending street light installation by FPL.

Sidewalk Installation & Replacement (PN Number 18)

  • Installed, replaced or repaired the sidewalks and handicap ramps in various locations of the neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed March 2002.

Street Overlay & Swale Improvement (PN Number 19)

  • Various roads located in the neighborhood were milled and/or overlaid. Sod and trees were installed on the swales.
  • Status: Completed March 2002.