Allen Park

Allen Park Improvement Projects

Neighborhood Swale Trees (PN Number 52)

  • New trees at various locations of the neighborhood swales.
  • Status: Projected completion: August 2005.

NE 162nd Street Swale and Parking Improvement (PN Number 53)

  • Drainage, curbing, road reconstruction and landscape on the north side of NE 162nd Street from NE 17th Avenue to NE 18th Avenue
  • Status: Completed July 2005.

Street Light Upgrading and Addition (PN Number 1)

  • Replacing existing 100-watt fixtures with 200-watt Cobra Head fixtures and adding lights as necessary in the entire neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed June 2005.

Corona-Del-March Roadway Improvement (PN Number 4)

  • Drainage, curbing, road reconstruction, sidewalk, street lighting and landscaping improvements will be conducted on NE 159th Street and NE 163rd Street between NE 18 Avenue and NE 21st Avenue.
  • Status: Projected completion: February 2006.

Sidewalk Installation and Replacement (PN Number 2)

  • Installed, replaced or repaired the sidewalks and handicap ramps in various locations in the neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed October 2001.

Street Overlay & Swale Improvement (PN Number 3)

  • Various roads located in the neighborhood were milled and/or overlaid; also sod and trees were installed on the swales.
  • Status: Completed September 2001.

Allen Park/DeLeonardis Youth Center

  • 1770 NE 162 Street

Hazel Crawford Day Care Center

  • 15450 W Dixie Highway