Eastern Shores

Eastern Shores Improvement Projects

Intersection Improvement (PN Number 13)

  • An additional lane and curbing was added at NE 164th Street and NE 35th Avenue.
  • Status: Completed 2005

Eastern Shores Streetscape Phase I (PN Number 59)

  • Installation of stamped concrete crosswalks and decorative street lights at NE 166th Street and NE 35th Avenue
  • Status: Completed: August 2004

Street Light Upgrading & Addition (PN Number 9)

  • Replacing existing 100-watt fixtures with 200-watt Cobra Head fixtures and adding lights as necessary in various areas of the neighborhood.
  • Status: Completed December 2003

Sidewalk Installation & Replacement (PN Number 10)

  • Throughout the portion of the neighborhood east of 35th Avenue, the city installed 4-foot sidewalks.
  • Status: Completed April 2002

Street Overlay & Swale Improvement (PN Number 11)

  • Street overlay and swale improvements were completed at NE 166 Street east of NE 35th Avenue, as well as installation of sod and trees on the swales.
  • Status: Completed May 2002

Shelter for Tot Lot (PN Number 12)

  • Installation of a shelter and benches to provide shaded picnic area at the tot lot at NE 166th Street and NE 35th Avenue.
  • Status: Completed November 2001

NE 35 Avenue Medians Landscape (PN Number 14)

  • Three medians between NE 166th Street and NE 169th Street on NE 35th Avenue were landscaped.
  • Status: Completed September 2001
Bus Shelter Improvement

Bus Shelter Improvements (PN Number 14)

  • Decorative shelters, benches, and trash receptacles have been installed along NE 35th Avenue at bus stops between NE 163rd Street and NE 171st Street.
  • Status: Completed September 2001